Digital Services Act

SHEIN is committed to ensuring that we offer a safe online platform for our community. We operate in compliance with relevant local laws and regulations, including the European Union’s (EU) Digital Services Act (DSA), which provides a single set of transparency and accountability obligations for online platforms across the EU Member States.
1. Information on Active Users in the EU
Pursuant to Article 24.2 of the DSA, online platforms are required to publish information on the average monthly active recipients of their services in the EU every six months. SHEIN ‘Marketplace’ was launched in the EU in August 2023. We have calculated that from 01 August 2023 to 31 January 2024, SHEIN had on average 108 million monthly active users in EU Member States.
We define a ‘monthly active user’ as the number of unique users who have engaged with the SHEIN platform within a specific period of months. This engagement could include activities such as browsing the SHEIN website or SHEIN App, making purchases, interacting with content, adding items to a cart, or any other interaction with the platform.
2. Single Point of Contact
To facilitate direct communication with users in the EU, the European Commission, authorities of the EU Member States, and the European Board for Digital Services on DSA related issues, please reach out to us at .
If you believe that content on the SHEIN platform is illegal in the EU, reporting it directly through the platform will help SHEIN to quickly consider the reported matters and take swift action if required. You can do this by clicking on the reporting function which appears beside each product listing.
If you are not contacting us on behalf of the authorities regarding the DSA, you may contact us through our Customer Services Platform by visiting for general customer enquiries.
3. Disputes about user content and accounts
If you believe that we have mistakenly taken actions on your account, you can appeal against our decision within six months by contacting our customer services team using the following link .
In addition, you may also contact a certified out-of-court dispute settlement body to help resolve any dispute with us relating to our actions on your account or reported content. The European Commission maintains a website listing the available certified settlement bodies. However, please note that decisions made by out-of-court dispute settlement bodies will not be binding on you or on SHEIN.