What is Show Editor's Pick?
An editor's pick are posts that have been chosen by our editors as high-quality posts. lf your post is selected, it will be featured as an Editor's Pick and you will receive an additional 50 points.
Post Tips
We're trying to build a community of fashionistas and have come up with a few helpful tips and tricks that we believe will help you earn those likes, comments!
1. Show off that outfit!
You put in the effort to pick it out, now let's make it center of attention! No one enjoys a post with a huge background and a small person way off in the distance!
2. Mix and match your styles!
Bold styles attract attention like nobody's business!
3. Don't forget to smile!
Genuine happiness can be felt through a photo!
4. Give us the details!
Let us know any details you love about the style and what you have to say about it!
For example: 10/10 would recommend! The fabric is great quality and not see through. Made lightweight and perfect for summer days! Runs true to size. l am wearing a size M.